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The Konark Wheel

konark wheel

Konark Sun Temple is famous for its stone sculptures. The temple is designed in the shape of a chariot resembling the sun chariot.

Konark Wheels

As the temple was built like a chariot of Sun god. The wheels of the chariot has lot of engraved art work around its axis and peripheries. There are 24 wheels fixed to the temple and is of 9 feet 9 inches in diameter and they are having 8 spokes. All stone wheels are full with engraved art works. Out of 24 wheels 6 are in either side of the main temple, 4 wheels are on each side of the Mukhasala and 2 wheels on each side of steps at eastern front. The 24 wheels signifies 24 hours of a day and the 8 spokes signifies prahars ( three hour period ) of a day.



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